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Sports Massage

The Treatment Room, Perth

​Sports Massage

Whether you are training regularly or just doing the occasional session, you are likely to experience some kind of muscle tension or discomfort. Sports massage is used to help repair soft tissue, to reduce tension in your muscles and break up scar tissue. It reduces stiffness and increases circulation, helping muscles repair quicker. Sports massage is a great way to help prevent injury or if the worst should happen, help reduce pain, restore normal function and get you back to training as quickly as possible.

Relaxation & Therapeutic Massage

Do you sit at a desk all day long? Have a very physical job? Or just need some help to de-stress and unwind? A therapeutic massage will help you to completely relax and ease any aching muscles. A nice treat for yourself or a fantastic gift for someone else.

Flexibility Development

A lot of people believe flexibility is something you either have or you don't. This isn't the case and through progressive stretching techniques, muscles can be lengthened and over all flexibility improved. Being more flexible will improve posture and ease pain or aching associated with tight muscles or imbalances. This will have a positive effect on every day movements as well as aiding your training sessions. Being able to train your muscles at a greater range will reduce your risk of injury and stretching post exercise will help reduce muscle soreness.

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