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Membership Information

Membership Information

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Perth Memberships

Outdoor TrainingSmall Group Sessions (1-10)Semi-Private Personal Training (1-4)One to One Personal Training
Our Outdoor Training sessions are held in both Perth & Dundee and we work at a 1:20 ratio for coach to participant. We have 6 pack progression WODs which are fortnightly over our 12 week training schedule. With these you can track how you are progressing in your fitness journey and each WOD is a different style. In our sessions we use various equipment and have many different class types, such as:We have 4 small group training styles to ensure every aspect of your fitness journey is catered for, these are: Functional Core, Functional Fight, Functional Flow & Functional Fit. We currently have each of these sessions spread throughout the week so you have plenty to choose from!These sessions are fully coached with the quality you would expect from personal training, but in a semi-private setting. Each person has their own goals they're working towards and we programme each session to ensure every one is progressing toward their individual needs.These are aimed at those of you who don’t have much experience of functional or strength based equipment. We also recommend if you have a very specific goal you are working towards, you use one to one over the semi-private or group sessions. These sessions are fully focused on you and you have the choice of many experienced coaches to help you achieve your goals.

Dundee Memberships

Membership TypeOutdoor Group TrainingFit 3D Body ScanMonthly Catch UpOnline Members AreaNutrition Blueprint6 Week Mindset Academy
Bronze1 per weekNoneNoneLimited AccessNoneNone
SilverUnlimitedNoneNoneLimited AccessNoneNone
GoldUnlimitedMonthlyIncludedFull AccessIncludedIncluded