Body Analysis at Zenith

Included in any personal training package
Pay as you go:
£24.99 Body scan

* When coming in for a body scan, please be aware that underwear is ideal to get the most accurate results.

Perth's very first 3D body scanner is here!

Our goal as a business is to constantly strive to bring our members the best experience and results possible.

To do this, we are introducing the very first 3D Body Scanner in the area to our facility.

Not only does this highly sophisticated technology give you an accurate 360° outline of your body, it calculates body fat and muscle percentages, provides overall body measurements, posture analysis, all with fantastic accuracy plus so much more!

It is the perfect hybrid solution between progress pictures, site measurements and body composition that will truly allow us to track how your body shape is changing in one quick and convenient scan.

As a member of Zenith Fitness Training, you now have a more accurate and consistent way of tracking your progress whether it is for fat loss, muscle gain or posture correction.

Pay as you go options are available and monthly scans are included for personal training members within Zenith!

This sensational technology allows you to view your body in a way you could only visualise before, and along with the highest standard of personal training from the friendly staff at Zenith, your journey to that dream of a strong, healthy body just became a whole lot easier.

As a pack member in Zenith, you will now be able to show yourself what YOU can really do and see the difference YOU can really make.

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