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Putting the FUN back into fitness!

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Become Part of the Pack Today!

Become Part of the Pack Today!

'For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack'

- Rudyard Kipling

Giving you a reason to enjoy working out again

Giving you a reason to enjoy working out again

​Zenith Fitness Training at Unit 5, Perth has been open since February 2018 and has a completely different approach to fitness. With a variety of indoor, outdoor and online classes, open gym, personal training included in our silver & gold membership and group personal training on our platinum membership, it is something Perth has never offered before.


Community will always be at the heart of Zenith. We hold many social events throughout the year which help our members enjoy their fitness journey and not see it as a chore! We can guarantee when you join our gym, you gain a family.

Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Zenith Fitness Training has from the very beginning strived to offer something that no other gym facility can - a truly unique service that combines a warm and welcoming space to train to the peak of your ability with state-of-the-art equipment, all whilst retaining a fun and dynamic atmosphere provided by the friendliest team of Personal Trainers that Perth and Dundee have to offer. Our distinct lack of mirrors in the gym will tell you all you need to know about our ethos on fitness. Do it your way, do it well and do it for you.

Our Team

Our Team

Zenith Fitness Training are one of the only fitness facilities to include personal training in a membership. Check out our membership options for more information.

Check out our personal trainers below and the specialities they can offer to help you acheive your fitness, nutritional and well-being goals!

Become a Personal Trainer

Become a Personal Trainer

ZFT Education Academy offers a combined Level 2 and 3 Personal Training course taught in our facility accredited by the international validating body Thinktree Hub. Successful students have access to guaranteed insurance upon completion and have the opportunity to become part of The Association of Independent Personal Trainers.

If you are looking for a change of career to something you are passionate about, give us a message to find out more!

COVID-19 Update

(Level 3 26th April - 17th May 2021)

Zenith Breakdown of Rules


1. 1:1 Personal Training may go ahead. Booking is essential and all details must be up to date for track & trace purposes.

2. Open gym - individual exercise only. This means following current household rule numbers. 1:1 PT included in this.

3. Online classes will be taught from the TV next to the desk, please be aware that the instructor on shift will be busy during this time.

4. Use the hand sanitiser on arrival & wear you mask at all times except when training.

5. We no longer have bays, so please be sensible and choose an area of the gym for your workout. Keeping 2 meters apart at all times. Should you need some equipment near to where someone has set up, I'm sure they won't mind stepping to the side to help you!

6. Clean everything you touch! Cleaning stations will be kept stocked up.

7. Lisa is the ONLY person who can write on the progress board. Please let her know if you want your results written up.


1. Numbers can increase to 30!

2. Booking is still essential.

3. Masks must be worn on arrival and when leaving the park.

4. Keep 2 meters distance!

5. Bring a backpack to carry your belongings.

THE DEN (The Lounge):

1. Shower/changing - our individual shower rooms are available for use should you need them, however we would encourage you to arrive in your workout gear and shower at home. If this is not doable, please use our facilities and disinfect after use.

2. We advise you to not hang around in the den. If a few people are waiting to be served, we advise you wait outside in the fresh air! ????

3. We have a water filling station in the den. This is for water bottles ONLY! This is not for face-to-tap drinking.

4. We are now cashless so please ensure as current members you have a card method on your Mindbody account.

5. We will have microwavable meals to purchase for your lunch/dinner. Should you wish to buy one, we encourage you to take them away with you. (We have a microwave on site)

6. You are allowed to remove your mask if you are sitting on one of the sofas, 1-2 meters apart from someone from another household.

We should move into Level 2 on 17th May 2021. These rules will be updated at that time.

Thank you for your cooperation as always.

What our clients say...

Zenith fitness is the friendliest gym we have been to. All PT’s take the time to listen to goals and plan training, which is individual to your needs. If you haven’t been in a gym for a while or don’t like big gyms, then Zenith is the gym for you. Thank you for welcoming us, you guys have changed our outlook with regards to fitness and nutrition!

Daryll & Katie